What Is Karma

All you want to know about karma. Symbols, definition and much more…

What Is Karma - All you want to know about karma. Symbols, definition and much more…

Karma Guide

Helpful Karma Guide

With so many spiritual concepts around there are different definitions, faiths and beliefs about Karma and people often get confused what to believe and what not. A few of these beliefs have also challenged my personal perception about Karma and made me reassess my beliefs and thoughts. In this karma guide I’ll try to simplify the concept of Karma for you. These are the four basic things you need to know about Karma.

1. What Karma really means?

Karma is an unseen law of moral causation based on the theory of action and reaction or one might say “as you sow so shall you reap” type of law. For any bad action that we take against a person or nature we’ll have to pay the piper it in the future life time or during incarnation. And we’ll have positive experiences returned to us for all the good things that we do in this life time. Karma is a great tool to assess our self and learns our lessons. Also we must look to find ways to bestow or accept positive and negative payback.

2. Why should we know about Karma?

The sooner we figure out and learn what our aim of being in this universe is, sooner we’ll be able to accelerate towards our spiritual growth. This karma guide is meant to make you examine your behavior and reassess yourself. Do you often fall in to trouble making same kind of mistakes? Are there people who are not happy with you? Have you ever tried to find out the answer for such question? By being aware of karma you’ll be able to plan for this incarnation and learn your lessons in this life with more ease. By being aware of the Karma you’ll also be able to keep the new Karma to minimum which in turn will help you get through the instant carnation as well as the futures one without any trouble. This will help you grow better in future life time as you’ll have less karmic payback.

3. Be careful about what think and say

Along with the actions, our words and thoughts also have a direct impact on our Karma. The vibrational energy of the planet is continuously increasing and this makes our words and thought manifest faster then ever. They are powerful elements which does not only have an impact on our lives but also on the lives of those around us. So it is time to train ourselves to be careful about what we say and think and avoid attracting any additional negative karma.

4. How Control you thoughts?

Thoughts are what lead to action. If you have control over your thought you can avoid a lot of negative Karma. By understanding the impact of your thoughts and words on others, you’ll be able to scrutinize yourself and think twice before taking an action. Focus on your thought as they are forming so that you can stop any negativity as soon as it arises and rethink in a positive way. Recognizing and focusing on your thoughts requires a lot of practice but once you have the control it’ll help you change your life quiet dramatically.

I’ve always believed that the more I learn in this life to accelerate my spiritual growth, the less trouble I’ll have to deal with in the future ones. I hope this karma guide will help you think on the same lines.

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